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February 01, 2010, prb, Comments: 0

Sidmouth is invaded

"Pause on Peak Hill, look back eastwards to the town,
Then to Connaught Gardens wander down.
And with shelter of tropic bowers,
I see its bright and outsize Devon flowers"
                                                     John Betjeman
(2 points - Question 16 - part answer).

Later than usual, for the devious Machiavellian quizmeister and thwarted crossword compiler was in New Zealand over the New Year, our annual treasure hunt took place on 31 January, this year in Sidmouth.

Unlike last year in Tiverton, the day was crisp and bright, albeit cold, and tramping round the town was not at all unpleasant. Starting off with a splendid roast lunch in the Anchor, the trail took us to the Church, the museum, Fortfield Terrace, Connaught Gardens, Jacob's Ladder (We are told that one of them was a smooth man while the other was hairy.  I can't see anyone of either description as I climb, but I've got the name I want.  Where am I? - Question 13), the Radway, the Byes, the River Sid, and Alma Bridge, among other places.  Few of us actually completed the course in the planned direction, for the twisted quizmeister had bowled a few googlies (seamy side of Sidmouth - Question 5) by inserting some questions out of their natural order.

Still, all enjoyed the challenge.  The weather was a bonus, and the views out of the town in the clear bright light were particularly stunning. 

Is it any wonder that amongst the more discerning Sidmouth has been and remains a popular resort ?

Our thanks go the Brian for the time and effort he put into devising the quiz, and our thanks go to him particularly for the prizes, which he funded himself.

Never in the field of human endeavour have so many blue plaques been studied by so few with so much puzzlement..............

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