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Bradninch Circular

August 14, 2010, prb, Comments: 0

Short walk - fine summer evening

This summer evening walk took place in ideal walking weather - it was fine but not too hot.  The atmosphere was clear, and the views available from the higher parts of our circuit were stunning.  Starting at Bradninch's car park, we took a route that followed some of the back streets before it headed away from the built-up area and onto a path running parallel with the main road through the town and to its south.  From here we could see and hear the traffic on the M5, but it was not too prominent in the wider landscape to the south-west.

After about 600m we joined a lane and headed up to meet and then cross the Hele Road.   Soon we met the other road passing through Bradninch at the village's western limit.   Pausing here for picture, we then walked towards the village centre for a short distance before taking some steps leading to a field path taking us to the north-west.  Soon we joined a lane, which we took uphill and to the north.   The views from the gaps in the hedge along this lane were fantastic.   Besides long lines of sight across to the east side of the valley beyond the motorway, we could see for quite a way to the north, the sea at Exmouth/Dawlish,  Haldon Belvedere, and most notably Haytor on Dartmoor.   

Quite some view!    

We continued northwards on the lane across Beacon Cross, but  after 400 m turned right onto a path alongside a free range poultry operation that was exceptionally well-guarded by an electrified fence.   This path took us downhill, at first gently, then more steeply, until we joined another path that ran close to the rear of the dwellings on the northern edge of the town.   There then followed a short steep pull uphill to arrive at a gate leading to the back of the churchyard.   We took this, pausing to admire the size of the church tower..... 
.......and the view across the churchyard.   This is St Disen's Church.  There  is no truth in the rumour that St Disen is the patron saint of vacuum cleaners.   

Our leader having made sure with the custodian that the gate at the town end of the church precinct would be open, we left the church that way, and almost immediately emerged onto Bradninch's main street.   

With the light failing, all that was left now was the short step back to the car park to change boots, and then to go to the Castle Inn for a drink.   Our thanks go to Bob, who found time to prepare and run this walk despite his lifestyle option of spending as much time as possible out of the country.   

For reasons that the diminishing light towards the end of the walk made clear, our programme of evening walks is soon to end, but this one was particularly enjoyable, allowing us to explore a place that has not before featured on our programme.  The walk was a little less than 3 miles long.  The track has been uploaded to GPSies  and can be viewed at 


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