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September 06, 2009, prb, Comments: 0

Knot Spliced

Wayward Wanderers is emphatically not a marriage bureau, but it is curious that there have been two weddings of club members in the last month.  Like London buses, you wait for ages for one, then all of a sudden two come along at once!

The second, that of Bev & Adrian yesterday, was particularly noteworthy for they are the first couple of group members to have got married after having first met through the group. 

They are noteworthy for another, more curious, reason - Bev does not need to go through any of the hassle associated with the changing of the surname after marriage.  The fact they are both Welsh no doubt reduces considerably the odds against such an occurrence!

Now, as the strains of Max Boyce and the Welsh contingent's rendition of "Hymns and Arias" at the end of the evening'e entertainment reverberate in our heads, let us wish them both all the very best - health, happiness and prosperity - in their future together..

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